Curbing Acid Violence in Uganda

As I mentioned in my first post, my interest in going to Uganda began with a Human Rights Quarterly dinner last fall. HRQ hosted an acid violence survivor from Uganda, Dr. Hanifa Nakirawa. With her was a Cincinnati based clinical psychologist, Dr. Angie Vredeveld. Uganda Christian University has sent at least three L.L.M. students to … Continue reading Curbing Acid Violence in Uganda


Work, Worries, and Wisdom about Colombia

Caleb An Interview with Astrid Liliana Sanchez Mejia Bogota, Columbia CALEB: What is your position here at the university? Associate Professor for Legal History and Theory Department, graduated from this university (La Javeriana) C: What fields of study do you focus on? Have you always been interested in Human Rights? Criminal Justice and Violence against … Continue reading Work, Worries, and Wisdom about Colombia