Mission Statement

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The views and opinions expressed in this blog are that of the individual student author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official views, policies, or positions of the Urban Morgan Institute, Human Rights Quarterly, University of Cincinnati College of Law, University of Cincinnati, and/or our partner organizations. 

Through this blog, we hope to embody that which the Urban Morgan Institute emphasizes: teaching, research, and service. We have the opportunity to stand with human rights groups around the world fighting injustice – and by publishing this blog, we aspire to engender a more just world by:

  1. Highlighting the efforts of our host organizations;
  2. Increasing the awareness of human rights issues facing the globe; and
  3. Promoting a better understanding of other peoples, cultures, and societies.

Posting Schedule:

  • Mondays: Students in Africa
  • Wednesdays: Students in the Americas
  • Fridays: Students in Europe
Due to the circumstances on the ground, posting may be delayed from time to time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.