Last Week in the Hague

Reflection Post

For my last week here, I decided to tour some of the surrounding cities near The Hague. A few days ago I visited Delft, a city located south of The Hague. Delft is an old city with numerous canals. It is considered a university town, as it is home to Delft University of Technology, a prestigious university here. From the Delft train station, you can easily reach the city center within a five or ten minute walk. One does not have to look too far to see the old church and the new church from the Delft station.

file2.jpegThe Old Church (Oude Kerk) is a Gothic Protestant church. The Old Church was established in 1246. An interesting fact about the Old Church is that the biggest bell in the tower—called Trinitasklok—is so heavy when rung that it can cause damaging vibrations, so it is only rung on some occasions, like when a Dutch royal family member is being buried in the New Church. There are also many famous people buried at the church, including the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer and famous Dutch scientist Anthony van Leeuwenhoek.

This last weekend The Hague hosted the International Fireworks Festival in Scheveningen. Eight countries participated in the Fireworks Festival. The Netherlands, Poland, China, France, Japan, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain were the eight countries that participated in the competition for the most beautiful fireworks display. The firework displays are held four times in August. Each night, two countries compete and show their fireworks.  This festival attracts thousands of people to The Hague.


Lastly, I will miss my workplace. The internship at the Tribunal has been incredible. I met talented people, and was also able to network by going to several events. I worked on many interesting projects that allowed me to do a lot of legal analysis. Working for an international tribunal required being open-minded, as I did not use many of the resources I learned about during the first year of law school, because the STL had its own Rules of Procedure and Evidence that I used for research projects. Overall, I enjoyed my experience working in The Hague and would highly recommend the experience to other law students!



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