Anytime I come back from somewhere, abroad or living in a different city, I am asked a serious of questions: How was it? What will you miss? Is the food good? Will you go back? Would you move there permanently? Are you glad to be home? Was the experience life changing? Where are you going next?


Is the EU perfect?


To be honest, I haven’t thought about most of these yet. I’m not ready to come back and I’m past ready at the same time. It’s always bittersweet. As usual, I’ve met some cool people, seen amazing things, and have memories that I never want to forget. There are also the moments of homesickness, wanting to be at the family reunion or meet friends for happy hour or even just chilling on a friend’s couch, but I know I’ll get to do those things and more once I’m back, so I’m ok.


I wanted to take on this internship to learn more about immigration law in Europe, keep my Spanish sharp, and get a feel for research/policy work.

I know a lot more about immigration in Europe. That is for sure. I also could see that although there are policies that I like better here, then those in the US the EU still has their problems. I think that was the best reminder. I had EU immigration policy on a pedestal, and while I still like some of the policies, it was good to see that no one is perfect. I think that this will let me think about US immigration policy more critically in the future (as if I wasn’t critical enough).

As for my Spanish, it is good, minus the accent that slips out every now and then. Culture


wise, I can see the Spanish influence in Latin America still, which is neat. Even cooler, is the influence that Latin America has on Spain. Most of the top songs that play in Spain are made by Latinxs! QUE VIVA LATINOAMERICA!


I don’t think I want to work on policy as a full-time job. Maybe 20% or so, but not 100%. I missed working with immigrants, and hearing their stories, and working with them to achieve their goals. That’s what I want to do.

All in all it was a great summer, I’m thankful for this opportunity, and I can’t wait for what the future has in store.

Thanks for your attention,




Sunset in Madrid



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