Reflecting On My Time in Botswana

Cincinnati, OH
Reflection Post


Some pizza in Zimbabwe

I’ve been back from Botswana for a little over a week. Seen my first rain fall since May. Moved apartments. Sweat in the humidity. Ate some pizza [for those interested, my current standings for “best countries for pizza” is as follows: (1) USA; (2) Belize, (3) Zimbabwe, (4) Botswana, (5) Nicaragua (places I’ve been but don’t recall if I ate pizza: Mexico, El Salvador, Canada, and Bermuda) *this list is entirely subjective and is limited to pizza places I’ve had the opportunity to eat at]. It’s nice being back – Cinci is a great city, and one that, over the years, has more or less become my place in the states. As great as Cinci is, however, I wasn’t quite ready to come home. I had just gotten comfortable in Gabs – I had mastered the transportation system, begun to better understand the legal system, developed great ties with my coworkers and supervisors, and had a solid group of friends – I was sad to leave all this behind.


My fellow intern, my supervisor, and I at DPP

With that being said, I am incredibly happy and thankful to have had the opportunity to extern in Botswana – and I feel that, given my limited time, I truly made the most of it. I got to interact with individuals from all over the world. I’ve made great friends who I plan to stay in touch with for my lifetime. I had great mentors and coworkers who helped to teach me by example, and whose lessons I plan to hold onto throughout my legal career. And I got out of my comfort zone for a while and challenged myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


My supervisor from the MoBE and I

I was also afforded the opportunity to travel to Kasane in northern Botswana as well as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and I’m glad I was able to go. I did a game drive in Kasane and also took a boat tour on the Chobe River, while in Victoria Falls I was able to see the falls, and participated in one of my favorite activities: white water rafting. The Zambezi River was awesome, full of class IV and V rapids – if another opportunity arises to visit these areas, I certainly will not be passing up the chance. [Pictures Below].

Botswana is a great country, with kind and caring people – and I certainly hope this isn’t goodbye forever, rather, that this is merely a goodbye for now.

I also want to thank the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights for making this externship possible – my experience in Botswana will always be viewed as a highlight of my law school experience, and it could never have happened without UMI.




Victoria Falls



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