Take Me to Church

    As I sit in a local Internet café writing this blog entry, I am surrounded by a familiar setting. People enjoying cups of coffee, along a busy street filled with cars and bicycles and pedestrians walking their dogs, within a city that is flourishing with beautiful flowers and small businesses alike. The concept … Continue reading Take Me to Church


A Brief History of Botswana

Patrick, History, Gaborone - Botswana. Writing this history was an ambitious endeavor that, if I am being honest, got the best of me. Part of this is due to my background as a history major – despite spending a significant amount of my free time here engaging in this subject matter, I still feel that … Continue reading A Brief History of Botswana

A Philosophical Discussion on the Importance of Food in Culture

Natalia Culture and Society Dominican Republic Have you ever noticed the integral part that food plays in a society? When people ask us to meet it is usually for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or drinks. When you travel to a new country, people are generally very proud of the food they serve and claim that … Continue reading A Philosophical Discussion on the Importance of Food in Culture