Last Week in the Hague

Ronique Hague Reflection Post For my last week here, I decided to tour some of the surrounding cities near The Hague. A few days ago I visited Delft, a city located south of The Hague. Delft is an old city with numerous canals. It is considered a university town, as it is home to Delft … Continue reading Last Week in the Hague


Reflecting on my time in Colombia… Reflections and Perceptions

Caleb Bogotá Reflection Post Within the week, I will return to the United States of America. But what will I bring back with me? Not only will I be bringing little souvenirs and trinkets from my travels (packing will be tricky), but I will also be taking back a new perspective on my life. I … Continue reading Reflecting on my time in Colombia… Reflections and Perceptions

Working for an International Tribunal

Ronique The Hague Externship The Special Tribunal for Lebanon was set up to investigate the explosion that occurred on 14 February 2005, which killed former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The same month of the explosion the United Nations secretary-general sent a team to investigate the causes of the explosion. The investigation report recommended setting … Continue reading Working for an International Tribunal

My Externship Experience in Botswana

Patrick Externship Gaborone, Botswana Like my fellow bloggers on Legally Abroad, I came to my summer externship through the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights (UMI). UMI allows students to spend the summer working with human rights organizations, international judges, human rights attorneys, governmental agencies, or UN bodies through an externship. I have been spending … Continue reading My Externship Experience in Botswana

The Office.

2 months ago, I hopped on a plane across the Atlantic and began my summer internship at the University Institute of Studies on Migration at Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Established in 1994, the institute is filled with researchers and professors in many disciplines including: economics, actuarial sciences, sociology, social anthropology, pedagogy, law, social work, political science, … Continue reading The Office.

Natalia’s Take on IJM

International Justice Mission operates globally to protect persons with limited resources from violence and defend victims of abuse. With 17 field offices in 11 different countries, IJM focuses on various types of human rights abuses such as commercial sexual exploitation, child sexual assault, online commercial sexual exploitation, labor trafficking, police brutality, property grabbing, and citizenship … Continue reading Natalia’s Take on IJM